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8 Signs It's Time to Change Partners

Having relationship issues? You are not alone. Over 50% of our clients came to us due to a breakdown in their Microsoft Partner relationship.

When you sign on with a Dynamics partner, you’re looking for more than just assistance with installing the Microsoft Dynamics system. You want a partner who has:




The ability to build tailored implementations, including the ability to upscale or downscale your configuration at any time.




Dynamics ERP


Microsoft products expertise.




Superior customer

service and support.

While your Dynamics partner may have been what you needed in the beginning,  over time, they may no longer fit your business needs.
Here are the 8 most common reasons clients have moved from their current Microsoft partner to Rimrock Corporation:


Account management fail to bring new and innovative ideas.


Partner is understaffed, under-skilled, or experiencing excessive staff turnover.


Partner organization is focused on other products or platforms.


Partner is pushing you to high-priced assurance retainer, or support contract, or charges unnecessary account management fees.


Project managers have been absent, indifferent, or non-responsive.


Staff assigned to project don’t have the industry or product knowledge you were expecting.


Fees or billings do not deliver business value.


Your Microsoft Dynamics implementation is under-utilized, crashing, not working as promised, and other issues due to a poor install.

If any of these hit a nerve with you, contact us for a confidential and honest conversation.
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