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5 Benefits of Using Microsoft Power BI

Access to actionable data is the key to being competitive and reducing work stress. Over time, and as a business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage data that is being generated regularly or on an ad-hoc basis. The problem is compounded when companies operate using disconnected systems, and decision makers are forced to make decisions based on partially correct data. For this reason, business intelligence solutions are now the tool of choice to effectively analyze and publish critical data that not only support decision making but help to monitor the health of your business.

Power BI, Microsoft’s business intelligence tool, allows enterprises to easily visualize and analyze their data. Power BI works with Dynamics GP and is a cloud-based software where users do not need any specialized training in order to generate reports or views. It is simple to use and quick and easy to implement.

Here are 5 benefits of Power BI:

1. Integrates seamlessly with existing applications. Power BI integrates with Dynamics GP, as well as your other existing business systems, allowing you to adopt analytics and reporting capabilities.

2. Easily create personalized dashboards. The most valuable feature of Power BI is the information dashboards, which can be customized to meet the exact need of any user’s role. Dashboards and BI reports can be embedded in the applications to provide a unified user experience.

3. Publish reports automatically and securely. Power BI helps you to setup automatic data refresh and publish reports allowing all the users to have access to the latest information.

4. No performance issues. Because Power BI resides in the Microsoft cloud environment, memory and performance constraints are eliminated.

5. No specialized technical support required. Power BI provides strong inquiry and analysis for most users so you don’t need specialized technical support for anything other than advanced use cases.

For more information about Power BI, or for all your Dynamics GP questions, please contact us. We are always happy to help!


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