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It’s That Time of Year Again, Rimrock’s Year-End Dinner!

After building up the Rimrock Corporation year-end company dinner for weeks, we finally got to show everyone why this year’s dinner was going to be one to remember.

Sometimes when you build up excitement for an event, the anticipation seems better than the actual event itself (kind of like New Year’s Eve). I am happy to announce that after last night’s dinner, it was well worth the wait and the anticipation was hardly as exciting as the dinner ended up being!

We all piled into a beautiful private dining room at the Hotel Le Germain in Toronto. Our chef David Chrystian, who was a Canada’s Top Chef Contender, had a team of chefs creating 5 very different meals all focused around one main ingredient (a Rimrock favorite), Chocolate. We had to assess and rate each meal, giving it a score out of 20 and at the end the “Captain” would announce the winning chef. I have to admit, the hardest part for me was being forced to choose a favorite!

Year End Dinner 2

Each meal we enjoyed was paired with a different glass of wine and we were served a white chocolate soup, a tofu and rice stuffed pepper covered in mole, turkey and chocolate croquet dinner, prime rib with chocolate drizzle and of course a delicious chocolate cake.  The winner being the turkey and chocolate croquet, but I definitely think a couple others were a close second.

We ended the night with a fun game of Kris Kringle, which consists of unwrapping gifts one at a time and strategizing to steal the one you want! A lot of fun and definitely a night we will all remember. It’s going to be very hard to top this next year!

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