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Microsoft 365 Apps Drop Support for Internet Explorer 11 in 2021

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Microsoft recently confirmed an end date for the once popular web browser, Internet Explorer. It marks the phasing out of one of Microsoft's longest running software programs to pave the way for its new browsing predecessor, Microsoft Edge. Soon, all Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support Internet Explorer 11.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft 365 web apps will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 in August 2021.

  • Microsoft Teams will drop support even sooner, at the end of November, 2020.

  • While some features may continue to work, others will stop working or not be available in Internet Explorer 11.

These dates should be particularly important for customers who have made business-critical investments into IE 11 legacy apps in the past. They need not worry, as business critical apps will still function, while Microsoft has also created its own work-around for those customers.

Rather than have customers deal with the hassle of using two separate browsers for both modern and legacy applications, Microsoft now offers 'Internet Explorer Mode' in Microsoft Edge. Customers can work in one browser, seamlessly experiencing the modern web of Edge in one tab while accessing their business-critical legacy IE 11 apps in another. Although the use of new Internet Explorer mode will not extend the access to Microsoft 365 services or apps, the use of Microsoft Edge will offer people better customer service should any compatibility issues arise.

Customers started using IE 11 almost 10 years ago when the web was considerably less advanced. Now, open web standards and newer browsers such as Microsoft Edge enable faster, more responsive online experiences. Microsoft believes that although this is a difficult adjustment for some, they will get the most out of Microsoft 365 using Microsoft Edge gaining access to greater feature sets in Outlook, Teams, SharePoint and more.

Benefits of Microsoft Edge

  • World-class compatibility (including legacy app support), security, privacy, easy and unified manageability, and productivity.

  • Built-in SmartScreen and has the highest-rated phishing and malware protection as measured by two independent studies.

  • App and site compatibility assistance to support transition.

  • Microsoft engineers are on stand-by to help customers if they encounter compatibility issues.

Next Steps

  • Microsoft recommends that customers first read this detailed article about how to plan for deployment. The article guides customers through key questions and offers a path forward for major steps in the transition to the new Microsoft Edge.

  • Next, customers should determine what type of support they are looking for, if any.

  • Customers with Microsoft Unified Support can reach out to that support service for help transitioning to the new Microsoft Edge.

If you would like more information Contact Rimrock Corporation and one of our consultants will be happy to help.


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