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New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Release Expected in 2014

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

This new Microsoft Dynamics CRM release delivers on its promise of delivering new capabilities to customers at a rapid pace of innovation, continuing to expand on global availability and affordability, without compromising on value.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is designed to help CMOs and marketers, create and deliver amazing customer experiences, and will be launched to 35 markets and in 10 languages – far beyond the geographic coverage of most marketing automation solutions. Some key new features, including marketing automation functionality and lead management and scoring capabilities.

  2. Microsoft Social Listening, offered as part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online professional license at no additional cost, offers customers new listening and analysis capabilities to help them better understand and engage with their customers.

  3. New Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhancements for core case management capabilities, include the introduction of Unified Service Desk (USD) – a powerful new application designed for call centers to manage multiple interactions, simultaneously. And following the acquisition of Parature – closed on January 31 – Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Parature together offer multichannel interaction capabilities.

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