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Rimrock’s 20th Anniversary is Un-bowl-ievable!

As we announced in our last newsletter, 2014 marks Rimrock Corporation’s 20th anniversary as a Microsoft Partner, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Business Intelligence. We are truly grateful and thank our clients, staff, and business partners for their continuing support.

To celebrate the 20 year milestone, the Rimrock team went to the Ballroom downtown to enjoy some food and drinks accompanied by some friendly bowling. The afternoon was a lot of fun – we have a couple really great bowlers at Rimrock!

Here are a few photos from the afternoon:

Carmen Bowl - Copy

Carmen was Bowlin’ in it!

CarolynBOWL - Copy

This bankroller bowler had some great shots!


Who could say no to deep-fried donuts?

Group Shot - Copy

Not only co-workers, but friends too!

Corey Bowl - Copy

Corey practicing. This was right before he got 2 strikes in a row!


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