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2010 Year End Canadian Payroll Tax Table Update

The year end Canadian Payroll tax table updates are expected to be posted on PartnerSource soon after December 15. This update is noteworthy because the update includes some table changes due to the changes to the T4A slip, as well as other new payroll deduction functions, formulas, and calculations. You can read more about the legislative changes here.

In the past, updates to tables resulted in update issues. While updates have been much smoother the past few years, we will proactively contact all our Payroll clients to schedule time to apply the update to ensure no disruption to payroll processes at year end.

This update will be the last for clients on Dynamics GP version 9.0. Clients on Dynamics 9.0 will need to upgrade to a more recent release of Dynamics GP before the July 2011 payroll updates.

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