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2013 Off To a Great Start with ERP Software Implementation Preparation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is primarily used to integrate all facets of your operation. That’s, in short, the most simple way to explain it, but your operation isn’t simple. In addition to having accounting align with all departments, you need to ensure the sales department has key information to close more deals. If you’re a manufacturer, you need to ensure orders are placed for materials so you can serve your customers at a moment’s notice…or pretty close at least.

With the New Year just beginning and before jump into purchasing an ERP solution to manage your business, identify key facets of your operation and how they all work together. Let’s face it; no world is perfect when it comes to business, but if you take the time to analyze and plan, your ERP implementation will be off to a great start.

As I mentioned earlier, you want to identify all facets of your operation and how they work together. While doing this, you need to identify your key differentiators. What makes you different and why do certain customers come to you? What do you offer that sets you apart? If streamlined operations can help you serve your customers better, what does that look like?

In order to acquire this vital information, do your research. Compare yourselves with competitors. Survey your customers. Ask all departments within your organization. Don’t leave any stone unturned because once you have a complete idea of your picture perfect world, success isn’t too far away.


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