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Curious about the Intelligent Cloud offering in GP 2018, R2 ?

Business Central- Intelligent Cloud

The Cloud sync offers you the ability to use Business Central 365 without leaving your on-premise solution, allowing you to take advantage of cloud-based tools that display results on your GP Home Page. To take advantage of this functionality, you must have Dynamics GP version 2018 R2.

Dynamics GP Intelligent Cloud- Business Central

On your Home page, open the “Customize this page” and select the new Dynamics 365 Business Central Insights home page.

The Intelligent Cloud allows on-premise implementations of GP to harness the power of Business Central by replicating your data and providing powerful insights back to you on your Home Page using business intelligence and machine learning. Replicated data brought across includes: GL accounts and balance, Customers and Open Receivable Transactions, Vendors and Open Payables Transactions, Items and Quantity on Hand. You also have the ability to schedule the replication; daily, weekly, monthly and the time of day.

Business Central does not have a segmented account structure. The main segment comes across as the account and all additional segments are represented automatically as Dimensions. Summary balances are not distributed to the Dimensions, rather they are summarized at the account level.

First, create your free 30-day trial by selecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Then, on your new Intelligent Cloud home page, scroll to the bottom and select the “TRY IT OUT” button to create your connection.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Insights

Next, select Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

You will be prompted to log in to Business Central. From there, use the Intelligent Cloud Wizard to create your connection from Dynamics GP. Please note, data will write from GP to Business Central only. Nothing can or will be written back to GP. Only a SUPER user has permissions to run the setup wizard.

Intelligent Cloud Setup

Follow the steps within the Wizard to create a secure pipeline between your on-premise Dynamics GP data and the Business Central cloud tenant. If you have multiple companies in GP, the wizard will create all the companies you need prior to replication. If you need assistance, reach out and one of our experts will assist you. Microsoft has created a short YouTube video which may also help get you started:

Once the replication has finished, your GP home page will benefit from the Intelligent Cloud insights – these insights are available in both GP and Business Central:

In GP:

Intelligent Cloud Insights GP

In Business Central:

Intelligent Cloud Insights Business Central

If you would like more information on the benefits of the Intelligent Cloud, please contact us. Our experienced consultants are always available to help you find a suitable solution for your business.


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