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Delta Supplies 11,000 Surface 2 Tablets Operating on Windows 8.1

Delta Air Lines, Inc. announced it will equip each of their 11,000(+) pilots with Surface 2 electronic flight bag devices operating on Windows RT 8.1. The innovative handheld tablet will give the pilots a much lighter load and the right tools to make their jobs easier while more effective.

Previously, the pilots were required to carry heavy flight bags full of documents, charts, navigational aids, checklists and other key reference materials at all times. With the Surface 2 electronic flight bags, all of this information is stored electronically and easily accessible. Once rolled out to all 11,000 pilots, Delta will see an immediate fuel and cost savings as the cumbersome and heavy paper documents are removed from onboard the Delta aircrafts.

 In fact, the airline expects to eliminate the use of 7.5 million sheets of paper annually while reducing carbon emissions by 26 million pounds on 1.2 million fewer gallons of fuel.


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