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Microsoft Official Announcement - Dynamics GP Lifecycle Update

It is at last official...Microsoft published a Lifecycle (Roadmap) for Microsoft Dynamics GP that actually extends far into the future for years to come!

This announcement from Microsoft demonstrates the company's commitment to the Microsoft Dynamics GP product, as well as its intent to assist customers and partners in making the decision to upgrade to the current iteration of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Lifecycle Roadmap includes dates from 2028 and beyond, which means that the Modern Lifecycle has a longer confirmed date than the Fixed Lifecycle.

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been following the Modern Policy since its October 2019 release. Bug patches, new features, and the most recent tax modifications are all part of the Modern Policy's ongoing care and servicing. Customers can stay up to date by installing at least one of the three anticipated Dynamics GP versions each year.

However, the Modern Lifecycle was not updated/extended to illustrate the product's future strategic roadmap over the last couple of years with the yearly October (Fall) Feature releases, which has now changed.

Microsoft has committed to the same Modern Lifecycle commitment for Dynamics GP as it has for Dynamics 365. This transition from Fixed Lifecycle support (with a predetermined end date) to Modern Lifecycle support (with no end date in sight) indicates that Microsoft plans to keep improving and maintaining the solution. Microsoft GP will receive more regular updates as a result of the Modern Lifecycle. Compared to larger version upgrades, these all-inclusive updates are easier to manage and deploy.

Over the last 30 years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has developed a sizable community of Partners and Customers who love the product. As a result, they continue to add new features and enhancements based on direct feedback from users, which is encouraged. It's critical to keep your Microsoft Dynamics GP version up to date if you want to reap the full benefits of the Modern Lifecycle Policy.

If you are looking to upgrade your Dynamics GP solution please contact us to begin planning your migration with one of our GP consultants.


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