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Do Tablets Fit Into Your Business Plan?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Tablets can be one way to unchain workers from their desks, freeing them up to spend more time in the field or with customers, without being separated from critical business information or delaying projects.  Some ERP solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® GP, can be accessed with a web browser and on mobile devices like laptops, Smartphones, and tablets.  The sales department may be one of the most likely places to introduce tablets.  Your sales professionals would be able to use their tablets at the customer’s office to look at historical sales data, the status of an order, or track an order en route to their customer’s locations.  Providing on-the-spot answers to your customer’s questions or concerns by using a sleek tablet can save time, as well as impress your customer.

Other key managers can use tablets to route information, approvals, or otherwise keep projects on track when they are out in the field, at conferences, or working off-site.  Managers can keep tabs on inventory levels to prevent unexpected stock-outs or analyze trends in sales to schedule production accordingly.  There are times when your team may work with suppliers or customers in different time zones.  In the comfort of their own home, they can update important sales data, approve proposals or contracts, or delegate other tasks to the team.  Tablets enable your team to enter or share data with the office, without having to be at the office, which fosters collaboration, communication, and improves productivity.

Using tablets can be a simple, yet powerful way to improve productivity and enable your team to do more when they are out of the office.  You can keep your team connected and projects on track when your team is busy working in the field, meeting with customers, or just out to lunch.  Contact Rimrock Corporation for more information about how to fit tablets into your business plan with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. If you need more information on upgrading, visit our webpage here.


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