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Dynamics 365 Financials vs Dynamics GP: Not Better, Just Different

Many people are still unsure about where Dynamics 365 Financials fits in and how it compares to Dynamics GP. Is one better than the other? How do they differ? Which one is right for my company? Determining which ERP solution is the best fit for your business can be a challenge. Even more so when a new solution enters the marketplace. The best way to decide which solution is right for you is to compare the two and gain a deeper understanding of which one will address your company’s needs.

General Facts

Dynamics GP is best suited for companies that

  1. have an annual revenue of $5-$500 million

  2. 5-250 users (can go as high as 500)

  3. Up to 1000 employees

Dynamics 365 Financials, Business edition is best suited for companies that:

  1. Have an annual revenue of $5-$50 million

  2. Up to 250 users max

  3. Up to 250 employees


Dynamics 365 is a full SaaS solution accessed in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Dynamics GP, on the other hand, can be deployed on-premises. It is also available hosted by partners, on Microsoft Azure, or by subscription pricing in a partners private cloud.

  1. Dynamics 365 is a great option for companies that lack the hardware or IT support for an on-premises solution or that need to frequently scale the number of users for their solution.

  2. Companies that prefer to keep their ERP solution on their own servers will find the on-premises deployment of Dynamics GP to better suit their needs.

Financial Functionality

Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP have similar offerings when it comes to financial functionality. Both offer:

  1. ways to segment the General Ledger Account Structure

  2. budgeting

  3. reporting

  4. support for Fixed Asset management and eBanking.

Dynamics GP also offers:

  1. additional functionality for allocation accounts, forecasting, and inter-company transaction processing

Both support

  1. multiple entities

  2. multiple currencies

  3. multiple languages

  4. and localization

Both have

  1. reports built on SQL Server Reporting Services

  2. direct integration with Power BI

Dynamics GP also offers

  1. a few more reporting and analytics options

Integrations and Add-on Functionality

Dynamics GP has a deep history and a proven track record. Hugely supported in the Microsoft community, it has delivered results since 1984. With a network of hundreds of ISV partners, it has the flexibility to add on additional software solutions to enhance the product and meet your specific business needs. On the flip side, Dynamics 365 licenses include access to the new AppSource which enables developers to create add-on functionality.

Contact Rimrock today. Instead of trying to decide which one is better, let us help you decide which one is right for your business.


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