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Dynamics GP: 7 Simple Time Saving Tips

Dynamics GP users are always on the lookout for time saving tips. In fact, Dynamics GP tips are one of the most common things our clients ask for. Even experienced users love to discover features they didn’t realize were available. As an early holiday gift, we’ve put together 7 simple timesaving Dynamics GP tips every user should know.

Tip #1: Quickly Create New Users Employees are going to come and go, which is the nature of any company. When it comes to setting up a new user, instead of creating a Dynamics GP checklist you can simply copy home page and area page settings from one user to another. Security access can also be copied to the new user, which is very useful when you’re replacing one user with another.

1. Login as sa (only this account can create new users). 2. Use the main menu to navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Set Up > System > User > Copy User Settings.

Tip #2: Logging in Dynamics GP If you have multiple companies with Dynamics GP, you don’t have to log out every time you want to switch companies. 1. In the bottom left-hand corner of your GP screen, you’ll see your current company name. Click on your company name to open a new window. 2. On it, click the drop-down menu displayed next to “Company.” 3. Select your company. 4. Click OK.

Switching users (ie. if Help Desk needs to log in as an SA user) is also simple to do. 1. Click on your current user in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, next to the company name. 2. A new window will pop up. This window is the user ID and password screen, which will allow Help Desk to log in without logging you back out.

Tip #3: Keyboard Shortcuts for Copy and Paste The familiar copy and paste keyboard shortcuts from Microsoft Office are also available in Dynamics GP. Although a simple feature, it is one that can save you a lot of time and help you avoid data entry mistakes.

• Control + C = copy • Control + V = paste

Tip #4: Allow/Prevent Account Entry To prevent users from posting journal entries directly to your control account in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can unmark an option on the Dynamics GP GL account card. This will help with keeping the sub-ledgers and GL in sync and minimize your reconciliation time. 1. Open up the GL account card – Cards | Financial | Account 2. Select one of your control accounts (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash, etc.) 3. Unmark the Allow Account Entry checkbox

Tip #5: “Find” Function Many users don’t realize that when you print to screen in Dynamics GP, the “Find” function is available to you, just like in other Microsoft programs. So, if you have printed a long report like a detailed trial balance to screen and are looking for a specific account number or dollar amount, you can easily search with the “Find” function.

1. Print your report to the screen 2. Press “Ctrl + F” on your keyboard or navigate to Find > “Find” or “Find Next” (depending on how you want to search). 3. Type your search term in the box that opens. Note: You must type your search term exactly as it appears in the report. So, capitalization and punctuation are important. 4. Press “Enter.”

Tip #6: Default Printer Location Another simple yet handy tip. Instead of constantly having to change the default setting on your printer from printer to screen, go to Home, User Preferences, Default Report Destination and choose screen instead of printer. Hit ok. Now you’re set for screen rather than printer.

Tip #7: Help Help in GP is so useful. Forget how to use something? Click on the help icon in the top right of your window. Find your problem and the help feature will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do whatever it is you need help with.

Contact our expert consultants with all your questions about Dynamics GP functions and features.


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