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Dynamics GP October 2019 Release Moves to the Modern Lifecycle Policy

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Microsoft recently announced the next release for Dynamics GP is dropping early October 2019, and will be called Microsoft Dynamics GP. Simple! No year or version marker at the end. The Dynamics GP October 2019 release also means that Dynamics GP has moved over to the “Modern Lifecycle Policy.”

What is a Modern Lifecycle Policy?

The Modern Lifecycle Policy means that the product is serviced and supported continuously, as long as you maintain your license and keep current with the service terms and system requirements (Modern Lifecycle Policy FAQ). This move is a good thing! It is great to see that Microsoft Dynamics GP is keeping in step with Microsoft and its other products by moving to the modern lifecycle. This means that there is no end date for support for the product and it will continue to be developed. Upgrades and updates will be released more frequently, and on a predictable schedule each year, throughout the year.

The Modern Lifecycle Policy guarantees a few key things for Dynamics GP customers:

– Microsoft will provide a minimum of 12 months notification prior to ending support if no successor product or service is offered—excluding free services or preview releases.

– For products under existing lifecycle policies (such as the Fixed Lifecycle Policy), Microsoft will continue to provide servicing and support for a fixed amount of time.

– Products that have already launched with existing lifecycle policies will continue to be supported according to the published end of support dates.

Do I Need to Upgrade my GP System?

Technically no but we encourage you to consider it! Your existing lifecycle for your current system is still in place (click here for a roadmap of all Dynamics GP products). But the benefits of upgrading to the MLP include access to guaranteed updates throughout the year, such as mid-year and year-end with a feature release each October.

Here are some of the highlights of the October 2019 release:

If you are thinking about upgrading, please contact us. Our expert consultants are always available to answer any questions about what an upgrade will mean for you and your business.


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