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Dynamics GP Tip: How to Email Multiple Attachments Using Document Attach

One of the most popular features of Dynamics GP 2016 and higher is the Document Attach Management feature. This easy-to-use feature allows users to attach multiple documents to master records and transactions. These can be documents like Vendor W-9, Contracts, Sales Tax Resale Certificates, Credit reports, Customer PO, Vendor invoices, etc.

Here is an example of how to send multiple attachments along with the email for Purchase Orders and Sales Orders:

  1. Click on Select Attachments to Send in Email to select the attachments that are available to send. The selected attachments will automatically be sent when you email the purchase order or sales document.

  2. This window is available when you are using Document Attach and have the Send Attachments in Email option marked in the Document Attach Setup window.

Here is a sample screenshot of a sales invoice that is to be emailed together with two other documents that are marked on the Select Attachments window.

For more information on Document Attach, or any other GP tools, please contact Rimrock Corporation.


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