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Dynamics GP: Tips for a Smooth Audit Process

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Holiday decorations are up, the parties planned and, in the blink of an eye, New Years will be over and your resolutions will be just starting to go out the window. Your favorite time of the year will have arrived… the audit. Audit prep can end up being a full time job, but Dynamics GP offers some features that can help speed up the process while ensuring that your sample data is accurate and business processes are auditable.

Here are some examples of features that can help to make the preparation process go much smoother.

Document Attach – This is a feature that GP has had since the 2013 version. Document attach can be used for journal entries, invoices, receivables and fixed assets. Contracts, invoices, and cost allocations can be attached to the journal in Dynamics to ensure that document support is always accessible.

Change Management – Dynamics GP allows tracking of activities. The following areas allow for activity tracking to be completed:

  1. Login tracking – determine when a user successfully (or unsuccessfully) logs in

  2. Access tracking – track which windows/reports a user access

  3. File tracking – view additions, deletions, and modifications to transaction files, setup files, and master files.

  4. Process tracking – track file maintenance, routines, and utilities processes

  5. Posting tracking – track the posting of invoices, bank transactions, cash receipts, and payments.

Contact Rimrock to learn more about comprehensive change management solutions.

Workflow – Setting up workflow in GP can help with establishing clearly defined processes and ensuring that the segregation of duties is clear and concise. A great example of the workflow in action is that an approver will receive a notification that a journal entry will require approval.

Limited user licenses – Significantly lower costs compared to a full license. Offers read only access to Dynamics GP. Ideal for users who run reports, view information and do need or should have restricted access to enter data.

For any questions on the items above or which Dynamics GP versions they are found in, please contact us.


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