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Free Dynamics GP Tools with the Professional Services Tools Library

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Wishing you could change a Customer or Vendor ID?  Wishing you could combine GL account information into a new account number?  With the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) wishes do come true!

Prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and 2013, these tools were available by additional purchase only ($750-$1500 each).  They are now absolutely free to both new and existing users.

We must note that there is no UNDO when using PSTL – meaning security to the tools should be limited to power-users and key personnel and some of the tools must be run by the system administrator.  A best practice is to have all users out of the system when using the tools and back up the database before using a tool.

Some of our favourite tools in this suite includes:

  1. Update User Date – The Update User Date utility automatically updates the user date in Microsoft Dynamics GP to the next date at midnight each day. This is useful if Microsoft Dynamics GP is left running overnight.

  2. Account Modifier / Combiner – Change a single or multiple account number(s) into new account numbers.  Combine all of the open and historical data from two account numbers into one number or combine a range of numbers.

  3. PM Master Triggers- Adds new vendors to additional selected company databases.

  4. Vendor Combiner – Use the Vendor Combiner tool to combine a current vendor ID with another existing vendor ID.

  5. Receivables Transaction Un-apply – Reverses the effect of applying payments, credit memos or returns, even if there are discounts and/or write-offs associated with the document.

  6. Item Number Combiner – Combine two items number that were setup for the same item and both were used.

  7. Item Number Modifier – Change an item number to a new item number.

  8. Fixed Asset Modifier – Use this to change an asset ID.

  9. Doc Date Verify – Prevents entry into an undefined fiscal period.

  10. Company Copy – This tool allows the setup and report option information from one company to be copied to another company.

Our advice to all our clients is to test this first and to ask for assistance. Some of these tools are very powerful and can change the entire structure and foundation of your company in Dynamics GP.  Rimrock can help you determine which tools you need, how to set them up, and if they will impact any integrations, customizations or ISV products installed.

Contact us for assistance with the install and use of these tools.


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