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GP Tips: Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll with ePayStub

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Dynamics GP includes the Canadian Payroll module. There is no limit to the number of employees you can pay with GP. The payroll module can also be used in conjunction with GP’s Human Resources module, making it an excellent tool to track basic and more detailed employee information.

Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll allows you to process employee earnings, benefits and deductions. T4s and Records of employment are also generated by the module. Both the T4 and Record of Employment routines create electronic files to be uploaded to either Canada Revenue Agency or Services Canada. Detailed reports for Workers’ Compensation, Employer Health Tax and Canada Revenue Agency remittances can be generated. When paired with the ePayStub module (separate purchase), employee pay stubs and T4s can be password protected and emailed to each employee.

Processing payroll with GP will update your general ledger, and thereby financial statements with actual payroll costs. You may choose a very general costing method for payroll; such as separating direct and indirect employee costs. You may also track payroll costs at a more detailed level, perhaps by adding employee departments. This detail will then show on your Income Statement.

Smartlist is an excellent tool to use with payroll as it enables you to export your payroll data to Excel for analysis.

Payroll Area page

Reporting for Remittances

  1. WCB – can be configured to calculate multiple Workers compensation rates

  2. EHT – will calculate Employer Health tax by province where applicable

  3. Receiver General information in Summary or by Employee. Also allows for multiple Business Numbers

Emailing PayStubs

Adding the ePayStub Module, allows you to email Paystubs, T4s, etc.

Cost Allocation

Direct and Indirect costs can be allocated to a departmental level.

Smartlist Views

New views can be added to the standard SmartLists. These can also be exported to Excel for data analysis.

If you would like to learn more about Dynamics GP functions and features, please contact us. Our experienced consultants are always available to help you streamline your business processes.


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