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Have You Checked Your Backups Lately?

Your Dynamics GP runs on Microsoft SQL Server software, a relational database management system. SQL, or as we call it “sequel”, is a software purchase that accompanies your purchase of Dynamics GP. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is the application used for administering all components of your sequel server: users, security, stored procedures and most importantly, backups.

Your sequel server should be backing up Dynamics GP so that at any point in time you are able to restore from that backup and continue working. These backups should be periodically stored permanently in rotation to the cloud or to a storage media that is secured off site and away from your office.

Questions for your I.T. personnel include:

1. Are the backup logs checked daily? If FAILS are noted, is the cause determined and then resolved?

2. Are the backups capable of a successful restore? Successful backups are not a definitive indication that a restore is possible.

3. Are old backups being deleted so as not to fill up the server unnecessarily? Check on a new plan daily to ensure it is executing as expected.

4. Are the transaction logs properly truncating? After a full backup is run, the transaction log should re-start otherwise the log will continue grow and can fill up a hard drive.

5. Are existing plans checked monthly? A plan can stop running without warning, leaving you without a recent backup when you need it.

6. Is the Sequel software kept up to date with the latest service packs?

If you have any concerns or would like a full review of your sequel backup plan please contact us.


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