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How to Make Reporting Easier with SmartList

SmartList offers numerous standard reports right out of the box including: • Accounts • Account Transactions • Payables Transactions • Purchase Orders • Vendors • Vendor Addresses • Customers • Prospects • Sales Transactions • Receivables Transactions • Inventory Transactions • Item Quantities • Vendor Items

Once you’ve accessed a SmartList, you can modify and create selection criteria that will give you the specific data you want (AKA a favorite). You can then save it for use later on or even export it to word or excel. You can move the data, sort it, manipulate it or search within it. You can take that favourite one step further and modify the view to create customized views based on the users needs. It’s simple, easy, and quick.

What’s new and improved for SmartLists in Dynamics GP 2018?:

You can now password protect your favourites and share as read-only. This means other users can no longer delete or make changes to your SmartList without the password. Now your report configuration is protected.

Rimrock consultants are always available to help you out and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us and let us show you how to save time and take advantage of all the amazing functions Dynamics GP has to offer.

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