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How to Reduce Data Errors in Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Subledgers

No matter how diligent we are data entry mistakes happen to the best of us and can cause major headaches. Here are two approaches to try if you find that errors are pervasive in your AP or AR subledger:

Doc Date Verify:

o Doc Date Verify is a PSTL tool used to prevent posting of dates in the sub-ledger that are not set up as Fiscal Periods. For example, if you post a document to the subledger and accidentally write the date as “9/27/3017” instead of “9/27/2017,” you will not catch the mistake until you attempt to post it to the General Ledger. Of course, when that happens, the date will not be part of a created fiscal period, resulting in an error. If you have GP 2013 R2 or higher, turn on “Doc Date Verify” in the PSTL module. Doc Date Verify will ensure that a document cannot be entered into a fiscal period that does not exist in your fiscal period set up.

Edit List:

o An Edit List looks like a general journal entry report but it will note what transactions (if any) have issues that would prevent the batch from posting so you can quickly and easily make the corrections. Typical errors noted on the report are: missing ledger accounts, closed fiscal periods, and imbalances in debits and credits. Many people aren’t aware of this powerful tool or simply just omit this step prior to posting subledger batches.

o The Edit List can be printed to screen and can be found by calling up the Batch ID and pressing the Print icon:

  1. In Purchasing under Transactions > Batches

  2. In Sales under Transactions > Sales Batches or Receivables Batches

These simple tools will help to prevent major headaches. For more information about Doc Date Verify, Edit List or other GP tools, please contact us at Rimrock. We are always here to help!


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