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How to Save Files in Dynamics GP Using Integration Manager

Dynamics GP can replace your multiple, disconnected systems. However, in many cases, customers choose to keep other applications and use Dynamics GP for Financials. Integration Manager is a powerful tool used to import data into Dynamics GP from your other applications.

Here is a tip for customers who are using Cloud Services (Azure) and are accessing the applications through published apps:

To save a document on your personal computer space or in a shared location, log into the application and then follow the steps below:

1. Make sure the application has access to the shared location. This can be done from the server where the published app’s configuration is set up.

2. The users must have access to the shared location. A user either will have direct access or can be added to a group.

3. The users should have proper access to the applications (Dynamics GP & Integration Manager).

4. The 2 locations (shared folder & personal computer drive) will show up when you print to file. Refer to image 1 and image 2 below.

If you have any questions about Integration Manager, or other GP tools, please contact Rimrock Corporation.


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