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Management Reporter Experiences

Here are some of our more noteworthy experiences with Management Reporter so far. We are hoping that the next service pack resolves many/all of them.

  1. There is no missing account report.

  2. A duplicate account warning continues to show when there are no duplicate accounts. This seems to happen when we use a tree and the system seems to read each account as a duplicate for each child unit.

  3. The auto text insert codes only work for FD columns. This function should also accommodate CALC columns to make the report flexible – for example to use codes in printing the correct month and year based on report date.

  4. The FD columns do not allow period ranges for YTD column detail.

  5. The Column conditional printing is not working properly. It correctly does not print the $ amount on the columns with conditional printing of “P<=B” but the blank columns are still printed together with the report.

  6. On a consolidated financial report, a box is printing on the 1st line after the column header even when there is no switch to print a box.

  7. We could use the FRx “sum” function in Management Reporter.


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