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Is It Time to Switch From Management Reporter to Solver?

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

With changes to Dynamics GP’s support plan by Microsoft, products adjacent to the aging ERP have a less certain future. Management Reporter (MR), like GP, will receive no further development or enhancement support. With other products in the market like Solver already eclipsing the current functionality of MR, the story going into 2021 only becomes worse for MR. Features like reporting on subledgers directly will never come to Management Reporter but are easily accessible in other solutions. While that may not impact your current use case, having room for improving the way you work should not be ignored.

Simply maintaining the way that Management Reporter currently works may not be something businesses can rely on in perpetuity. As patches and software changes continue to role out, a tool that does not change is in jeopardy of leaving some of its functionality behind. New bugs and performance issues are a very real problems that Microsoft has only guaranteed support for up to 2024. So, the main questions to consider are, when do I move to something new, and what do I move to?

As mentioned above, one excellent solution is Solver. With very similar functionality as Management Reporter, Solver is perfectly positioned to fill the niche that MR will leave in the next 5-10 years. Whether it is at the end of guaranteed support, or sometime shortly thereafter, MR’s time as a business solution is coming to an end. For businesses with a desire to get off MR and pursuing more future proof options, Solver’s cloud starter offering provides a cost-effective way to pivot from the aging reporting tool. Getting into cost, there is a price to nearly any solution that would be moving away from Management Reporter. But for that extra money, Solver provides a ton of services to enable any user to become a power user.

Connect your data with Solver’s is an all-in-one Data warehouse, budgeting, reporting and dashboarding tool capable of displaying the data from all your disparate systems all in one place. Where data integrations may have been necessary to report on data from different systems, Solver makes all that data easy to interpret in a central interface. From basic reporting, to more advanced tree functions, consolidations and budgeting analysis, Solver provides the tools to quickly build up a repeatable and reliable reporting framework that can be scaled up with your business.

Work with industry professionals with same-day support on nearly any question you may need help with. Using Solver’s support system is as simple as clicking support portal from their user dashboard, which promptly displays a support email, forum, and number for easy support access. As a final step in your transition, Solver additionally provides access to the Solver Academy as part of any implementation. Become the expert on management reporting with Solver lessons and certifications that can add value to your business and your employees into the future. Make 2021 the year that you leave Management Reporter behind.

Learn more about Solver and Contact a Rimrock Consultant to help your business future proof your reporting process.


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