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Solver Enables Live Consolidated Reporting

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Structuring your data in a way that is conducive to analysis is the key to success. This is easier said than done with only one ERP system and next to no data in other places. However, the problem becomes much larger and more difficult to manage as data is stored in all the different places that you work. Solver is an outstanding tool to help solve both of those issues by means of building a structure for your data to be housed in that is extremely flexible for reporting and further analysis.

The Solver data warehouse is compatible and has the ability to take data from hundreds of different business applications, including a high degree of integration with Business Central. This allows for reports to be run that contain finance data from your ERP, sales pipeline information from your CRM and any other systems you might use all seamlessly placed within the same reports.

consolidation report built on Solver’s cloud-based solution

In this consolidation report built on Solver’s cloud-based solution, data is being aggregated from six different regions of a corporation, representing different ERP instances relating to their regional set up. Without entering excel or firing off any emails, the P&L variance report is automatically fed and updated at a refresh rate controlled by the report viewer. Analysis and questions can be brought up the moment a variance arises enabling earlier decision points. Extending functionality beyond a single report, Solver bundles and structures reports in convenient ways that enable further analysis across multiple different scenarios. The above is the budgeting preset, however there are many more that are enabled by default for a P&L variance report in Solver.

Consolidating report

Solver once again makes life easier, enabling quick movement between budget, actuals and more. Instead of looking at discrete financial statements, Solver enables finance professionals to shift through their reports and give a financial story about the year that was and where the future of the business is headed.

Archive report

Should a user not have access to all the above scenario’s, there are many ways that your business can still provide the reports that are needed without overbuilding permissions for that user. Any report can be archived, placing a version within your company’s archive. From the archive, your organization can set permissions to provide an access framework that is in line with that user’s role.

Report parameters limiting access to different entities

The final piece of Solver’s internal data security that will be covered here is limiting access to different entities. Some individuals will need access to the Asia region, while others may only need access to the SEM entity. Being able to efficiently construct and deploy access at different levels is key for your data security strategy for your business.

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