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Solver + PowerBI

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

As a Financial Controller, timely and accurate reporting is critical to ensure business performance is presented to key stakeholders. Visualizations make the key financial data more digestible for the C-Suite or shareholders to view a business’s performance. Solver has developed a suite of dashboards using their data warehouse in conjunction with PowerBI’s visuals to showcase several use cases for the product.

The following link can be used to get a more in-depth look at what the interactive dashboards can do, but we will also be going over the product here.

Solver KPI Analysis Summary

Accessible from any web browser, the Solver dashboards allow for end users to quickly manipulate several facets of a report, and view from a glance what filters have been used for a particular report. Quickly swapping between years, companies, and additional filters is easy using the drop down on the left-hand side or selecting filters per report. Business Central dimensions can be reported on with this filtering feature, as well as any other data point entered within a platform linked to Solver.

Solver Revenue Analysis

Dashboards can be built to be incredibly data-rich or kept more simplistic, being optimized for the relevant audience.

Solver Cash Flow Simulation

Finally, in the Cash-Flow Simulation, solver differentiates once again, enabling live forecasting based on actuals in an extraordinarily robust manner. Typically, a few different scenarios are considered by a planning and budgeting office and presented as fixed scenarios without much play in the joints. With Solver, that story now changes. With this tool, we can very easily play with different scenarios in a meeting based on information that different users may want to see. In this way, Solver provides the opportunity for collaboration towards a defined goal that was not possible before.

The above dashboard series is a small snippet from one of the 18 that Solver has provided for those interested in the products dashboard functionality at the link above. No matter the industry or use case Solver has the analytical tools that will drive the better decisions for your business. As part of the Rimrock and Solver partnership, we additionally offer training and support through Solver Academy. Solver Academy provides webinars on reporting, excel functionality and more.

If you would like more information Contact Rimrock Corporation and one of our consultants will be happy to help.


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