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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Now Available!

Early last week, at the Convergence 2015 conference in Barcelona, Microsoft revealed that the latest version of its customer relationship management suite, Dynamics CRM 2016, is now available worldwide in 130 markets and 44 languages.

Jujhar Singh, General Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, described the new release as “a huge leap forward in our journey to intelligent customer engagement”. Dynamics CRM 2016 is available both online and on-premises, and, as he explained, Microsoft’s goal with this release is:

…to enable organizations to personalize customer experiences – engaging customers at the right time, in the right place and with the right content; to give them the tools to be more proactive, and to empower them with the intelligence to be able to predict trends and identify patterns — to know what the customer needs and wants before they do.

The most comprehensive CRM release to date, Dynamics CRM 2016 includes advancements in intelligence, mobility and service, with significant productivity enhancements to help businesses and customer-facing employees achieve more.

“We’re bringing all Microsoft has to offer in productivity and intelligence into a single experience. We’re bringing the advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities of the Cortana Analytics Suite to preview our first intelligent, adaptive processes for sales, customer service and social,” said Singh.

To learn more about a few of the new features and capabilities in Dynamics CRM 2016, which include integration with Delve, Microsoft’s enterprise search tool; integration with Microsoft’s Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive products; integration with Microsoft Intune to enable mobile application management; offline mobile capabilities for phone and tablet apps, check out Rimrock’s CRM 2016 blog.

For more information, or to set up a time to upgrade to Dynamics 2016, contact Rimrock here..


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