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Microsoft Dynamics GP: Why Settle For Anything Less?

You put your best foot forward when it comes to your business.  You have a nice location, innovative website, and a team of colleagues that can professionally represent your mission and help you fulfill your corporate goals.  Don’t settle for bare-bones technology when it comes time to manage financials and core operations. The right business management software can improve productivity and provide the insight needed to drive growth.

Today’s tough economic conditions force businesses to be prudent with spending.  Top priority is often directed toward producing a high quality product or service and software is barely given a second thought.  The accounting department picks an accounting program, your sales team might choose their own methods for storing customer data, and other departments are left to figure out their own software needs.  Disparate software creates silos of separate information that makes it difficult to find and weed out the data you need to make the big decisions – the decisions that keep you ahead of competitors and on the road to success.  Make technology a high-priority and look for a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution like Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

Proper business management software, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, collects all of your business data in a single software solution.  Combining financials, manufacturing, supply chain, project and services management, human resources, and payroll into an integrated solution makes it easier for you to find the data you are looking for, monitor important metrics, and see how one aspect of your business is affected by other aspects.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is an easy to learn and use ERP solution.  Users can personalize their screens with a Role Tailored interface, so that they only see the information pertinent to their jobs.  Automating data-entry and reducing the need for dual-entry into multiple software programs will save time and protect the accuracy of your business data.  Users and managers can monitor key metrics and make sure that sales figures stay high and spending doesn’t exceed targeted budgets.  The improved productivity and visibility will strengthen your business operations and propel your successful growth.

Microsoft Dynamics GP puts your critical business data at your fingertips giving you greater control over operations and insight to make quick, smart decisions.  You wouldn’t settle for poor quality anywhere in your business, so don’t settle for simple software.  Contact Rimrock Corporation for more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP and how it can help you put your best foot forward on the path toward growth:


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