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Microsoft Releases Dynamics GP 2018 R2

As promised, Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2018 R2 on October 1 with many exciting new features. The feature-filled release will help assure new and existing GP users that Dynamics GP continues to deliver great added value to companies.

Here are a few of the features in the new version:

Partial purchase on PO and email PO other form – This allows a partial purchase on a purchase order when you create the PO from a purchase requisition. In addition, you can email the PO other template from purchase order entry.

Option to Hide Business Analyzer for all Users – Administrators can now hide Business Analyzer on both the Home Page and on Navigation List pages with these two new options: Display Business Analyzer on Home Page and Display Business Analyzer on Navigation List pages. These are universal settings to make it easier to turn off the feature if companies are not using Business Analyzer. Individual users can still choose to turn on Business Analyzer using customize options.

Allow/Decline Duplicate Check Numbers – Formerly available in the Payables checkbooks only, a new feature has been added to GP 2018 R2. The new feature extends the option to allow/not allow Duplicate Check Numbers to Bank Transaction Entry, Payroll Manual Checks and Miscellaneous Checks. If you don’t check this option, duplicate checks are not allowed in these three windows.

Monthly Recurring Batches: Use Last Day of the Month – Over the years, GP has continued to automate repetitive tasks, helping users to get more done in less time. Monthly recurring batches have been around for a while in Receivables, Payables, and Inventory, but users a problem when it came to dealing with varying month length. Based on feedback from users, Microsoft has added a new checkbox called ‘Use last day of the month’ for Monthly and Bimonthly batches. When marked, it will automatically set the posting date to the last day of the month. If you set up a batch posting date of April 30 and check ‘use last day of the month,’ the next posting date would be set to May 31. If the box is left  unchecked, this would default to May 30.

Email customer statements – Now you can email customer statements directly in the customer maintenance window. There is a new email option in the ribbon that automatically sends the statement to the email address that’s been set up for the customer.

Increase Dynamics GP password maximum length and a password expiration notification – The maximum length for the password has increased to 21 characters. In addition, you’ll receive a password notification seven days before your password is set to expire.

Vendor document number added to purchasing all-in-one view – The Purchasing All-in-One View offers users an easy way to view purchase orders, receipts, invoices, payments, and credit documents. However, until now, the GP document number was required, something most GP users don’t have on hand. The new release allows users to view and sort related documents using the more-commonly used vendor document number and the GP document number has been added in the payments and credit documents columns for easy reference.

Click here for a full list and description of all the new GP 2018 R2 features.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your current version of GP or for any upgrade questions. Our experienced consultants are always available to help.


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