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Microsoft Reorganization and The Impact On Rimrock & FIELDBOSS Customers

With the upcoming Microsoft Year end on June 30 Microsoft has reorganized, as they frequently do at this time of year. Yesterday, we learned that Microsoft moved the Dynamics development teams (the only group not impacted in the last reorganization) to the Cloud and Enterprise group.  COO Kevin Turner is taking over the Dynamics Sales and Partner Organization of Dynamics.

Here are two interpretations about these changes

1. Kevin Turner has a reputation as an extremely capable operations person and one of the strongest leaders Microsoft has. He has unique execution and product management capabilities so we are expecting renewed energy and innovation around how Microsoft’s engages with Dynamics Customers. 2. Splitting Dynamics engineering from sales and partner management means that Dynamics software will be better integrated into Microsoft’s focus. Which is building infrastructure and business services such as data and analytic products, security and management offerings, and the business processes solutions we sell. This change should enable Microsoft to accelerate their ERP and CRM engineering work and mainstream them as part of the core engineering and innovation efforts across all products. We are excited that these changes will assist and accelerate how Rimrock services all companies on our business management software platform.


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