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Top Five Dynamics GP 2013 General Ledger Improvements

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Now that Service Pack 1 has been released for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, a lot of our customers are excited about upgrading. There are some really nice GL enhancements that were released and we want to share our top 5 with you!

1. During year-end close process you can now clear balances of unit accounts

 Mark the “Clear Balance During Year -End Close” in the Unit Account Maintenance window to clear the balance for the unit account. If you do not mark this option, the balance for the account will be carried forward to the next year during the year-end close process.

2. During year-end close you can keep inactive accounts with zero balances

In the year-end closing window, you can specify how to handle inactive accounts with zero balances during the year-end close process.

3. Status bar appears during your year-end close

After you click the “Close Year” button in the year-end close window, a status bar appears to show you which steps have been completed during the year end close process. This way you will always know exactly what step your year-end close is at.

4. You can now view unit account net change and period balances at the same time.

In the Unit Account Maintenance Window, you can view both the net change balances and the period balances for the selected account.

5. You can now reconcile sub-ledgers to GL

In the Reconcile to GL window you can generate a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will help you match transactions in the General Ledger with the originating transactions in Payables Management, Receivables Management, Inventory and Bank Reconciliation. This will not change the data automatically, but helps you identify transactions which may need to be corrected.


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