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Track and Manage Grants with Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ideal solution for non-profits that have outgrown their existing financial accounting solutions. Spend more time securing grants and performing effective management, and less time dealing with technology and processes.

The Grant Management module in Dynamics GP offers a few key features and benefits:

1.   It tracks all of the expense and revenue activity associated with a grant and allows you to report on that activity across fiscal years. Reporting is available through Management Reporter, Microsoft Dynamics GP’s powerful financial report writer.

2.    It allows you to identify and report on your grants based on any criteria, including Grant Status, Grant Type, Grant Sponsor(s) and twelve User-Defined fields. This gives you tremendous flexibility in how you report both within and across grants.

3.    It offers real-time transaction validation to ensure that you are not exceeding the grant parameters. There is Profit and Loss Validation to ensure that your expenses do not exceed revenue, as well as Budget Validation by Period, Grant-to-Date or Grant Life to ensure that you do not exceed the grant budget. For both validations, you have the option of simply warning the user or preventing posting when the budget is exceeded.

Rimrock Corporation specializes in helping Not-for-Profits improve operations and support their mission through Microsoft-based accounting and CRM software solutions. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us.


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