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Update on Microsoft DCO Licenses

With the release of Dynamics GP2010 Microsoft released a new Dynamics Client for Office (DCO) license that have now been renamed as Light Users. A number of ISV modules now require end users to purchase Light User GP licenses.

Per the new licensing, a Light User license is required for any user who does not have a full Microsoft Dynamics GP user license but who accesses Dynamics GP data from any other software program outside of GP.

An ESS (Employee Self Service) license is required for any user who through means other than the rich client UI for only the following use cases:

  1. Employee Administration

  2. Employee Time and Attendance

  3. Employee Travel and Expenses

  4. Employee Requisitions

Limited Use licenses are only available to clients on Business Ready Licensing.

For more information regarding how the licensing changes affect your specific site, please contact us directly.


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