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Why You Should Upgrade to the Newest Version of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Your accounting software enables your company finances to be accurate and efficient and is vital to the success of your business. We often come across clients who ask us “Why upgrade? Why not wait until we need to?” Many of our customers eagerly await the newest version of Dynamics GP, while others just don’t see the benefit of upgrading until it’s absolutely necessary such as when the version goes unsupported by Microsoft.

Here are a few reasons why it is important to upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  1. Data security – As newer versions are released; older versions are no longer supported by Microsoft. Critical periodic updates to the software will no longer be available which can open security vulnerabilities. Data security is a top priority for your business, especially your financial data. Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to have better backup ability that gives you improved data security and peace of mind for your business. With Microsoft supporting the current version, you are always protected from bugs and threats.

  2. New functionality and efficiencies – Newer versions contain new functions to increase productivity and efficiency. The most current versions are compatible with other hardware, such as smart phones and iPads, so your business can be productive, even when not in the office. Further, bugs are fixed and enhancements made based on customer feedback and issues from previous versions.

  3. Updated information – What is the point of investing all of your money into a system that doesn’t follow the most up to date rules? If you’re running a version of Microsoft Dynamics that is several versions behind, you may find that you’re unable to apply the latest hotfixes and patches, including payroll tax and year end updates.

  4. Cost – Keeping the system up-to-date allows for a smoother transition when an upgrade is performed.  Delaying an upgrade can potentially cause more problems for your company. The longer you wait to upgrade software, the more difficult it is to take your ERP from its current version to the most recent. It makes the transition more complex and involves more time. Therefore, it increases the potential for extended downtime and costs more.

Keeping your system current on the latest versions of Dynamics GP is essential to maintaining a good ERP system.  Regular upgrades are important for the life of your business. While you can get away with skipping every version upgrade, you should really make sure you’re as current as possible. Don’t put your business in jeopardy by running outdated or unsupported solutions. It’s not worth the risk.

For more information about upgrades, or to upgrade your current version, contact Rimrock.


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