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Business Central: Not Just for the SME Market Anymore

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

When Business Central came to the market in mid-2018, the approach was simple. Provide a product that is easy to use for small businesses, with functionality that could scale for a medium sized business. With Business Central’s roots in NAV and Microsoft’s colossal investment, Business Central has hit that mark and provided a clear upgrade path from market competitors such as Quickbooks Online and Sage 50. From those early days, Microsoft has been hard at work to re-invent the old NAV into a product that can maintain the ease of use of smaller enterprise software, while rapidly increasing the scale possible for larger organizations.

Microsoft has continued their push by adding key functionality that makes a compelling offer for most businesses. These include:

1.Enhanced Email Capabilities

Business Central has, from the beginning, promised exciting functionality with Outlook by enabling salespeople the opportunity to work exclusively within their inbox with the ability to create quotes informed by live data within Business Central. Expanding on that concept, new scenarios have been enabled to allow support for multiple email accounts through one Business Central user. This will enable shared inboxes as well as individual inboxes to be fed data from the same source, ultimately saving time and allowing businesses more workflow options throughout all departments.

2.Word document layouts to customize outgoing customer documents

As a business, your image begins with the documents that are sent out to your customers. Microsoft has listened to partner and user feedback and provided an additional integration with this idea in mind. Sales Shipments (Report 1308) and Return Orders (Report 1309) are now editable within Word. Simply change the layout of the forms to your specifications and import them directly to Business Central, then it is ready to be used for the next order.

3.Support for an unlimited number of production and sandbox environments

Businesses can become quite complex with different business segments and legal entities requiring different features and production environments. Microsoft has considered this and provided an unlimited number of environments for Business Central customers. Each BC Premium or Essential subscription comes with one production and three sandbox environments out of the box. Should additional environments be required, a partner like Rimrock will be more than happy to assist you in fulfilling that business requirement. Finally, within each environment, BC additionally allows you to swap between an unlimited number of companies, allowing for a maximally scalable solution.

If you would like to learn more about Business Central please Contact Rimrock Corporation to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants.


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