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Business Central: What’s New In Wave 2 Release?

Microsoft will be launching release wave 2 for Dynamics Business Central 365 on October 1st, 2020 through March 2021. This release will come with new performance features for online and on-premise customers that will provide notable capabilities to transform your business.

What’s New?

Seamless Service

  • Performance, reliability, and support are the core components to guarantee that the service quality remains ahead of the growth in usage.

  • Accessibility is already in a strong position and is being maintained.

  • Better support for resizing pages is being implemented.

  • Additional telemetry visibility for partners through Azure Insights.

  • Improvements in conflict handling for synchronization with Common Data Service.


  • Continuation of world class productivity.

  • Enhancements to the modern clients.

  • Requested features including returning to the request page after viewing a report and the ability to change the assigned printer before printing a report.

Microsoft Power Platform Integration

  • Further investments in the Microsoft Power Platform integration including existing connectors and enabling virtual entities.

Modern Development Tools

  • Improvement of productivity for developers by moving entirely to Visual Studio Code.

Better with Office 365

  • Ability to access business data through Microsoft Teams to assist collaboration and faster decision making.

Geographic Expansion

  • Foundation for future onboarding of other countries and regions. Business Central release wave 2 calls for the onboarding of Brazil, Ireland, and Lithuania.

Customer Requested Enhancements

  • Microsoft continues to implement top customer enhancement requests through the enhancement of email setup and use in addition to multiple features submitted to the product Ideas portal.

Customer Migration Tools

  • Support has been added for migration from a broader set of Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV versions to simplify the journey for existing Dynamics customers to Business Central.

  • Improvements for selective migration of Dynamics GP customers and vendors.

  • Enhanced migration of Dynamics GP Chart of Accounts setup.

The enhancements of release wave 2 are intended to empower the migration from numerous Dynamics on-premise versions to drive additional service growth. These enhancements motivate partners that bring their vertical solutions to Business Central online furthering the growth of new Dynamics 365 customers. This ultimately results in increased service quality, supportability, end-user efficiency, and enhanced capabilities for customers and partners.

The above items are just a small selection of the features you can expect to see in the next release. To find out what else you can expect from the new release, or if you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, feel free to contact us and one of our consultants will be happy to help.


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