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Profit & Loss Reporting with Solver

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The Profit & Loss statement is key to any company’s success. As a quick financial overview, the P&L serves as a place for upper management to check on the business at a glance, accounting professionals to spot potential coding errors, and stakeholders to inform where they would like to invest for the future. This article will be showing examples of various P&L reports that can be produced for those different functions with Solver.

Solver profit and loss chart

For internal reporting, margin and revenue data per employee help management quickly understand their business at a glance with variance values color coded to help with analytics. This is an excellent resource to have coming into a year-end meeting.

Solver profit and loss variance control

With additional monthly variance data, further analysis is possible. For the Financial Controller, this is an excellent report to quickly pin point variances overtime and help staff find potential mistakes or explanations for the issues arising.

Live reporting profit and loss variance report with comments

Finally, a more granular look at each month with notes to describe where variances are coming from. This P&L is ideal for businesses looking into greater detail at the month-to-month performance of their company. Explaining these variances is an important step which may be used at all levels of the business if the differences are large enough. As usual with Solver, these reports are not static entities, but are directly linked to Solver’s data warehouse.

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