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Top 5 New Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Since its launch in April 2018, Dynamics 365 Business Central has seen increasing adoption by organizations looking to digitally transform their businesses. The April 2019 release brings an update to Business Central that aims to enhance current customer satisfaction. Along with innovative new features, Microsoft invested heavily in boosting performance, reliability, and scalability of Business Central, across the platform and business application.

The April 2019 Dynamics Business Central release is the latest in a string of releases that has seen Microsoft continuously improve their end user experience. Microsoft has made it a priority to improve performance in areas of the product which are used most, like entry of transactions, orders, and other data. This was accomplished with new tools and features like the ability to bookmark list views, the Quick Entry tool, and other components that simplify every day work.

Here are five exciting new features:

1. Character Limitations

Description and Name fields character lengths will be increased from 50 to 100 characters. You’ll be seeing this change on master records (Customers, Vendors, Items, Contacts and Resources), Journal Descriptions, Ledger Entry Descriptions, and description fields on documents such as Sales and Purchase Orders.

2. List Views

This simple, but highly requested list improvement idea came directly from the community of Business Central users. Users and organizations will now be able to name and save different sets of filters they use to view and break down long lists of data. Personal views can be saved such as “My Top Accounts” as well as company-wide filters like “Products with the Most Recurring Orders”, making it much easier for users to slice through data. In addition to this, load time when scrolling through lists will be greatly reduced, as the way the rows fetch and display data was rewritten to increase responsiveness.

3. Vendor Invoice Numbers

We will now be able to view the vendor invoice number on the Purchase Invoice and Credit Memo lists. A Vendor Invoice Number column will be added to these pages.

4. Personalized Actions and Navigation

With personalization enhancements we can reorder or hide actions on the action bar and change what appears on the navigation pane on our role centers. This will make it easier to find tasks, lists, and cards that we use every day.

5. Quick Entry

Repeatedly entering data into business systems is one of the most time-consuming processes any company deals with. To optimize the data entry process, Business Central gives users a new way of moving though the required fields in a record by changing the click behaviour of the ‘Enter’ key. The key will now move users from one Quick Entry (required) field to another while skipping over the information fields deemed nonessential. In an effort to increase readability, Microsoft is introducing the ability to change the importance of any field within a record. This quick entry improvement streamlines the entry of transactions by making the process as “mouse-free” as possible.

Looking for more information on the April 2019 Dynamics Business Central Release? Contact our experienced consultants for more information. We are always available to help!


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